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Caroline from Garbo Laughs has awarded me with the “Stylish Blogger Award.”  As a big fan of fashion, I look forward to reading Caroline’s “Friday Glam Spam” on Fridays.  She also recently tied in the Friday Glam Spam with Elizabeth Taylor’s death for a special edition. She shared some great articles ranging from 1952 to 1961, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The award requires seven random facts about yourself. So here we go :)

1. I feel like the only classic movie blogger in the south. I was born in Columbia, S.C., moved to Dothan A.L. for six years when I was three years old and then moved back to Greenville, S.C. when I was in fourth grade.  I am happy here, but I do get jealous of the special movie screenings and film festivals y’all all get to attend. We don’t have anything like that here.

2. In one month I will graduate from college at Winthrop University, a school with about 6,500 students in Rock Hill, S.C. (30 minutes away from Charlotte, N.C.), with a journalism degree.  While in school I’ve been the Arts and Entertainment editor for our weekly student newspaper “The Johnsonian” where I design my page, assign and write stories.  I interned at a newspaper in Shelby, N.C. this past summer called The Shelby Star and I really enjoyed it. I decided to try to be well-rounded this semester and I am also doing our television show at Winthrop called “Winthrop Close-Up.”

Anchoring on "Winthrop Close-Up." I'd rather be behind the camera.

3. I love a good bargain. I buy most of my clothes from Marshalls or T.J. Maxx or really marked down from Ebay. This way, you can get a $200 BCBG dress for $30 or a $30 Express shirt for $12.

4.  I love Robert Osborne. I don’t really want many material items, all I really and truely want is to meet Robert Osborne. I think he seems really friendly and that we could have an awesome conversation.

5. I hate technology. I’m pretty old fashioned about a lot of things, but one of the main things is technology.  I only got a cell phone when I went to college out of necessity, I will never get an Ipad or an Ipod touch or anything touch. I would be okay with simpler things that were made to last and not to replaced every year.

6. Everyone had my name in elementary school. I was one of five Jessica’s in my dance class in second grade and I had a Jessica in every class up until high school.  In fourth grade I had to sign my last name “Jessica Pi.” because there was another Jessica P.  However, I’m even more thankful my name isn’t Brittany.

7. Out of everything I’ve done in the last four years of college. I am most proud of this video:
I took Television Production in Spring 2010 as an elective. The class teaches how to shoot and edit video and one of the assignments was to make a music video. I chose to use Cobra Starship’s “Good Girls Go Bad” and my roommates and newspaper co-workers were patient enough to work with me.

It’s pretty hard to choose 7 other Stylish Bloggers, especially since I think I’m the last one to get around to doing this. So since everyone has been tagged, I’ll list seven blogs that I have enjoyed reading and keeping up with over the past few months :)

1. I stumbled across Via Margutta 51 about 6 months ago and love the variety of the posts.  The Twitter version of “Red-Headed Woman” for the Jean Harlow blogathon was hilarious and clever.

2. I love reading the old articles on Dear Mr. Gable. It helps to give a glimpse on how the media portrayed one of Hollywood’s biggest stars and what was going on in his life.

3. I found Audrey’s Fedoas and High Heels after she started leaving great comments on “Comet.” I love the consicse plot summaries she writes, variety of films and photos she posts along with them.

4. A Person in the Dark always has really witty posts. I laughed out loud at the one about film “Puzzlements” and the post giving Oscars to worst wigs and co-stars.

5.  Kitty Packard Pictorial lead me to take part in my first blogathon and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Carley did a great job of honoring Jean Harlow with the blogathon. I can’t imagine how you did it!

6.  Hollywood Revue is one of the first classic movie blogs I actively started following. Angela writes great reviews. I particularly enjoyed the one about the movie “Hollywood Review of 1929.”

7. I Shoot the Pictures is another blog I first started following and I love Michael’s reviews, but I like his ratings the best.

Check out the Comet Over Hollywood Facebook page and Radio Waves Over Hollywood Facebook page.

8 thoughts on “Blogging is Stylish

  1. Thank you very much for the kind shout-out!

    I am with you on #5. I’m a keep-it-simple kind of girl. :) I hope you get to meet Robert Osborne someday. He is SO good at what he does; it continues to amaze me. And he does seem like a genuinely nice guy.


    • Robert O. was going to be in ATL which is about 4 hours away from me or so for an appearance this month but but it was canceled. Another attempt thwarted! haha But I agree, I think he seems very kind.


    • I have actually looked at their blog. I didn’t know they were from the south too. That’s encouraging :) It just seems like there are lots of people on the west coast who get to go to cool film festivals and stuff haha


    • I mean I like my computer and I text a ton, so its not like I’m a holier than thou “I don’t use technology” haha. I just feel like it makes things reaaaaally complicated.

      I think that’s one reason I want to do print journalism rather than broadcast. Today I go in just to put stories on video tapes which theoretically should take 5-10 minutes and it ends up taking 45 because of problems with the equipment :P lol

      I guess I’m just a simple girl :)


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