Where else can I read Comet?

Can’t get enough of “Comet Over Hollywood”? Here are other places you can find some of your favorite posts.

Posts on Movie Fan Fare:
Serenade Me, Mr. Powell-Comparison of Dick Powell and Fred Astaire singing
Evolution of a Classic Film Fanatic- How I got to be the way I am
Audrey Hepburn: The Sorority Girl’s Pin-Up-  Discussion of how sorority’s use Audrey Hepburn as their mascot.
Jean Harlow Weight Loss Program-May’s beauty tip on Harlow’s stringent diet.
Santa Claus: Mean King of Jing-a-ling-Santa Clause is a bit of a bigot in “Rudolph” (1964)
State Fair (1945) A Guest Classic Movie Review- Why State Fair is one of my favorite movies
The Years Margaret O’Brien Ruined Christmas- a tongue and cheek column on how O’Brien’s brattiness in films effects her family’s Christmases.
So Proudly We Hail: A Classic Movie Review- A review of the World War II nurse film.
His Father Called Him Dobe: Remembering Harry Carey, Jr.- A remembrance piece on the western star who passed away in December 2012.

Film Columns for The Shelby Star:
Rolling out the red carpet for classic films- Introducing my new film column
Forgotten holiday film a quick favorite- Review of “Remember the Night” (1940)
1939: A year unlike any other- Explores the magic of Hollywood’s greatest year
From riches to rags: The lives of child stars- Exploring the hardship of being a child star, particularly for Baby Peggy Montgomery
What happened to Carole Landis?- Though Carole Landis’s death was ruled suicide, her family still believe it could have been murder.

1950s trashy films a guilty pleasure- My love of trashy films such as “A Summer Place”

Actions driven by my love of classic film- Classic film has lead me to test beauty tips or learn dances I’ve seen in films.

All singing, all dancing- The history of musicals and my love for them.

Jean Harlow’s last curtain call: Saratoga- A look at Harlow’s eerie last film.

Hot off the presses: Unethical reporters in classic films- The reporting methods of reporters in movies, that would get contemporary reporters fired.

Reporter “cain’t say no” to musicals- How my classic film love lead me to stage performances

The forgotten Best Picture winner- A looking at “How Green Was My Valley” has been overshadowed by “Citizen Kane.”


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