Classic film in daily life: Room and Work space

Back in November I said I was going to start writing short snippets detailing classic film in my daily life.  You may remember my post about writing a Media Ethics paper researching whites playing ethnic roles in films. 

As I finish up my last week of college classes forever, I wanted to show how classic film helped to decorate my college dorm room and my desk at our student newspaper office.

I even cleaned up my room for all of you 🙂

My room:

My desk area with Nancy Drew, White Cargo, West Side Story posters on top and Brandon Flowers, Betty Grable and Doris Day below. Also on the desk is a "White Christmas" photo, Robert Osborne bobble head and my desk top background is from "Since You Went Away"

My closer has photos of LIFE magazine photos above it, I tried to be clever and put actresses looking in mirrors on my mirror, Deanna Durbin and Esther Williams autographs on top of TV and Im watching the Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontaine in "The Guardsman"


More LIFE magazines over my bed

 I also have different film books lying around (I’m currently reading Betty Hutton’s “Backstage You Can Have”) and several VHS tapes and DVDs trying waiting to be watched. I didn’t add those because that seemed a bit much.

 My desk in The Johnsonian office:

My desk. Thats me on the desk top background with "I love Robert Osborne" written on the photo. As a joke each editor had their mug shot set as the background and something that defined them written about themselves.

Joan Crawford, Bette Davis, Carmen Miranda and Betty Grable help me work.


Ruth Chatteron, Harry James, Don Ameche and Betty Grable also decorate my desk.

 Hope you enjoyed your little tour 🙂

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10 thoughts on “Classic film in daily life: Room and Work space

  1. Since You Went Away is one of my favorites. 🙂 That Robert Osborne bobble head is too funny! Oh, and I love the LIFE pictures–that’s such a cool idea to used those.


    • Yeh the Robert bobble head is hilarious, but since I’m such a big fan I asked for one for my birthday 🙂 Thanks! I think LIFE had some awesome photos that were really strong but simple, so I thought they’d make good decorations.


  2. Wow, you had quite the setup. I only had a poster of Louise Brooks watching over me at college. I think the Osborne Bobble head would creep me out. Congrats on graduation.


    • Maybe it’s because I’m a girl or that I decorate whenever I get bored haha. The bobble head isn’t too creepy actually.
      I don’t think it looks very much like Robert, it’s more funny. It almost looks more like…George Bush? or maybe Hugh Hefner? haa


  3. Aww bless! I love when people have old movie memorabilia decorating their houses or offices. So glad I’m not the only one, lol 🙂 I love Robert Osborne, too. He’s a really nice guy.


    • It helps make things happy 🙂 He seems like a nice guy! Didn’t I see on your blog once that you had the opportunity to interview him?


    • Both Carole and Barbara are actually on my mirror of “Actresses looking in mirrors on my mirror” lol. No Myrna though! When I move back home/into a new apartment she will have to be included!


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