Extra, extra…

Did you that “Comet” is on Facebook and Twitter? (Photo by Horst P. Horst)

In recent weeks I’ve noticed several other classic movie blogs have been active on Twitter and Facebook.

If you aren’t following me already, invited you to follow both my Facebook and Twitter.

My Facebook page for “Comet Over Hollywood” can be found and “liked” here.  On the page I try to post every day about classic movie related photos, videos and statuses.  For example, while I was listening to Lux Radio Broadcast podcasts, I posted some of the interesting trivia that was shared in the broadcast.

FYI: If you ever get a comment on your blog page by “Jessica Noelle Pickens,” that’s me.

You can also follow me on twitter @jnpickens where I talk about classic movies, blogging and life (such as trying to find a job). (April 2017 editor’s note: Since the blog was written, my name on Twitter has changed to @HollywoodComet)

Hope to see you on the social media bandwagon!

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