The hills are alive in D.C.

I met Eddie Scarry in Media Writing, MCOM 241, in the Fall of 2008 at Winthrop University. We bonded over conversations about how GAP clothes were now boring and how we liked Gwen Stefani’s album “Sweet Escape.”

Scarry was the opinion editor for “The Johnsonian.” He made students and professors angry, but also got them thinking, while writing about topics such as “professors get paid a lot so don’t complain about four unpaid furlough days.”

Photo of Julie Andrews at the Lincoln Medal ceremony. (Washington Examiner)

As I read Eddie Scarry’s work and became closer friends with him I knew he was going to do great things. But I never imagined he would reach the level of success that he has, but not saying I didn’t think he couldn’t.

 Last weekend, Scarry met Julie Andrews, one of the loveliest voices to ever grace classic and contemporary film. Andrews was awarded a Lincoln Medal in Washington D.C. and Scarry was one of the reporters covering it. Scarry said she was exactly the way that we would all expect her to be.

“She’s everything you’d imagine from watching her in movies,” He said. “She smiles a lot and is so classically English.”

Scarry interviewed Andrews asking which younger actors and singers illustrated what the Lincoln Medal stood for.

“She didn’t name anyone specifically,” Scarry said. “A lot of times celebrities don’t like to speak positively or negatively on any specific person, because they fear that person will either get angry or other people will get angry that they weren’t mentioned.”

After graduating from Winthrop University, Scarry got a job in D.C. and also interns as a reporter for the Washington Examiner’s Yeas and Nays, D.C’s social and gossip column.

Scarry has met several other celebrities such as James Franco, James McAvoy and Jason Biggs.

James Franco and Eddie Scarry

“The only hard thing about interviewing any of them is that they usually don’t want to talk politics, and of course that’s what a lot of people in DC want to know their opinions on,” Scarry said.

“Sometimes there are weird surprises, like David Arquette smells like cigarettes or Angus T. Jones from ‘Two and a Half Men’ wants to go to school to major in still photography. Rising star James McAvoy has strange eyes and he was super nice to fans that were yelling for him at the premiere of The Conspirator.”

His favorite interview so far has been with Franco, though sort of awkward, but he has found surprising things about different celebrities.

Though Eddie Scarry is rubbing elbows with celebrities, he still is the fun, friendly, Michael Jackson-loving guy I became close friends with.

Hopefully once he gets becomes a famous political journalist (which I know he will) he will remember back to those days when we all ate pizza in The Johnsonian office, those days I bought him Subway as I tried to use up $500 worth of café cash and listening to Destiny’s Child’s “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.”  🙂

Also, be sure to check out Scarry’s humorous but insightful blog on how to live cheaply in the D.C. area at Red Line Items.

Myself and Mr. Scarry in Dec. 2009

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