A vigil for Carole

Today marks 70 years since Carole Lombard died in a plane crash in Nevada on her way home from selling war bonds.

She was one of America’s most beautiful, funny and sincere actresses.

I wanted to take a moment and pay tribute to Carole, her films and her patriotism.

If you have Twitter, I would like to try to get #VigilforCaroleLombard trending today. Thank you!

Patriotic Carole: Shortly after America entered the war, Carole Lombard was recruited by MGM’s publicity department to sell War Bonds, according to the History Channel. She was returning home from selling War Bonds in her home state of Indiana when her plane crashed outside of Las Vegas, killing 20 passengers including Carole and her mother. The following photos are from a War Bond Rally where she raised $2 million.

Carole selling war bonds (LIFE)

Singing the "Star Spangled Banner" during a war bond sale. (LIFE)

Selling war bonds (LIFE)

Carole and Clark: It’s no secret that Carole Lombard and Clark Gable are my favorite Hollywood couple. They were married in March 1939 until her death in 1942. Most people, including myself, think that the couple were soul mates.  The two still acted, but seemed to be living a simpler life on their ranch; raising chickens and Clark teaching Carole how to farm. Gable was devastated after her death and began drinking heavily. He enlisted in the Army and told friends that he didn’t care if he came back or not. Carole had a dachshund named Commissioner that followed Clark Gable around after she died.

Hands down favorite photo of Carole and husband, Clark Gable.

Carole and Clark having an intimate conversation.

Beautiful in color on their ranch in San Fernando Valley.

Clark taught Carole about farming, and she was eager to learn.

Gable bought prize winning $20,000 chickens. Unknowingly, Lombard gave these chickens to needy families. Gable joked they had an expensive chicken dinner!

Another all time favorite photo of mine-Clark and Carole quail hunting.

Carole in pigtails, quail hunting.

This is the cutest photo.

Carole and a chicken!

Carole and her dachshund Commissioner.

Carole the movie star: In my opinion, Carole is one of the most beautiful and versatile of the classic Hollywood stars: she could be sexy, hilarious and dramatic. She had flawless skin, golden hair and fabulous style. But she was also one of the guys on set, cussing like a sailor and making jokes.

Carole the glamorous film star.

Carole on the radio. I love her hat and fur. Very glamorous.

Perfect example of Carole Lombard: sexy and hilarious.

I think this is from "Lady By Choice." Feel free to correct me

The look I strive for. My role model.

 Carole Lombard: 1908 – 1942

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  1. It is hard to believe that it has been 70 years. Hollywood lost a true star. No one today comes even close!


  2. Lovely photos and tribute to Carole! It was just the sort of happy remembrance of her I needed today. Thank you!


  3. Beautiful and very heartfelt tribute.

    BTW, the pic of Lombard with luggage is from “Twentieth Century,” though I don’t believe it was actually used in the film.


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