Gone Too Soon Blogathon: The Contributors

I can’t believe the Gone Too Soon blogathon weekend is finally here!

Throughout Friday and Saturday, post your links as comments on the page and I will link to them on here.

To see a schedule of contributors, refer to the last blogathon update.

I can’t wait to read everyone’s posts!

Friday, March 10, Contributors

The 1920s:

-Pat over at 100 Years of Movies discusses director F. W. Murnau‘s tragic death.

-Critica Retro wrote about lovely Olive Thomas.

-Marsha at A Person in the Dark discusses the career of John Gilbert.

The 1930s:

-David at The Great Entertainment Media Archive  tells how Billie Holiday‘s sad life lead to her early death.

-Beth from Far from Camelot shares how she came to love Leslie Howard-joining us in her first classic film blogathon!

-Cliff at Immortal Ephemera (who recently celebrated his 10th anniversary) wrote about actress Dorothy Dell, only 19 when she died!

-KC writes about “Platinum Blond” star, Robert Williams.

-Caroline at Garbo Laughs joins us to talk about German actor Conrad Veidt.

-Rianna a Frankly My Dear writes about the original platinum blond, Jean Harlow.

The 1940s:

-Kay at Movie Star Makeover wrote about Lady with the Tutti Frutti Hat Carmen Miranda.

-All Things Classic decided to join the party this weekend contributing with Curly Howard.

The 1950s:

-Angela at Hollywood Revue talks about Judy Holiday‘s breakthrough role in Adam’s Rib.

-We have another newcomer to the blogathon world over at One Gal’s Musings who talks about The King himself, Elvis Pressley.

-Craig at Blame Mame discusses Jayne Mansfield and also shared his post on A Girl Can’t Help It.

The 1960s:

-Monty at All Good Things write about his favorite actress Natalie Wood.

Saturday, March 10, Contributors

The 1920s:

-She Blogged by Night joins us with a post about Marie Prevost

-Friend Angela from Hollywood Revue treats us to another post about sexy Rudolph Valentino!

-My buddy Trevor from A Modern Musketeer joined in with a post about Fatty Arbuckle.

-Ivan of Thrilling Days of Yesteryear talks about Big Parade star Renee Adoree.

The 1930s:

-Rich from Wide Screen World writes about one of my favorites, Carole Lombard.

-Kevyn, the Most Beautiful Fraud in the World, writes about the forgotten Helen Twelvetrees.

-I finally made it to my blogathon! Me, Jessica Pickens, at Comet Over Hollywood (this blog) wrote about child actress Virgina Weidler.

-Our friend Page at My Love of Old Hollywood writes about Thelma Todd who died mysteriously.

The 1940s:

-Karen from Shadows and Satin writes about bad boy Steve Cochran.

– Laura over at Laura’s Miscellaneous Musings writes about the lovely Carole Landis.

-Friends Katie and Hilary from Scarlett Olive share their love for Judy Garland.

-Natalie over at In the Mood discusses the swashbuckling Errol Flynn.

-Fellow journalist Lindsay with Lindsay’s Movie Musings shares the life of Alan Ladd.

-Laura from Miscellaneous Musings treats us to another post about Gail Russell.

-Ginny of Old Movie Nostalgia discusses one of the most beautiful men (and the love of Lana Turner’s life) Tyrone Power.

-Irene at And Then They Start to Sparkle talks about Laird Crager.

-Random Ramblings of Broadway, TV and Film discusses the depressing life of Linda Darnell.

-Carly of Kitty Packard Pictorial writes about the wonderful Robert Walker. Love him, such a tragedy.

The 1950s:

-Patti at They Don’t Make ‘Em Like They Used To writes about one of her favorite actors, Montgomery Clift

-Jenni over at Portraits of Jenni discusses the life of Sal Mineo.

-Kristen from Journey into Classic Films decided to join us and write about Maggie McNamara.

-Brandie from True Classics discusses the life of child star Bobby Driscoll.

-Meredith from Forever Classics writes about one of my heartthrobs, James Dean.

-Fellow Winthrop student Stefani wrote about singer Nat King Cole.

-Noir and Chick Flicks talks about pin-up Marilyn Monroe.


The 1970s:

– Michael from ScribeHard on Film talks about the short career of John Cazale

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