Actress beauty tip #22: Actress jewelry

This is the twenty-second installment of the monthly classic actress beauty tips that I have read about and tested.

Like March’s beauty tip, April is going to focus on fashion trends from films. For the time being I’ve run out of regiments to test, but I’m still digging around for some.

While watching a movie, of course you notice the fabulous gowns, minks, hats and suits your favorite actresses wear. But you can’t deny that jewelry plays a large part of the outfit too.

Even Carole Lombard’s belt is a jewelry accessory. (From No Man of Her Own, 1932)

The website Hollywood Collection which sells replica costume jewelry that stars from Claudette Colbert to Marilyn Monroe supposedly wore on screen and in their personal life.

I’ve been shopping from Hollywood Collection since 2005, and loved everything I bought from there. I have the:
-Diamond ring Vivien Leigh wears in “Deep Blue Sea”
-Bette Davis’s sunset sapphire ring.
-Carole Lombard’s canary earrings from “To Be or Not To Be”
-Carole Lombard’s deco onyx ring that she wore to the “Gone with the Wind” premiere.
-Jean Harlow’s antique diamond ring.
-Betty Grable’s diamond earrings.
-Esther Williams champagne diamond ring from “Easy to Wed.”

Editor’s note and update Aug. 5, 2021: Several of these items may be discontinued now.

Carole Lombard onyx ring

I love the style of the jewelry. Though none of it real, it’s all flashy and gets attention. However, I do wish the rings ran in half sizes. I buy a size 5 ring and still have to wear a ring guard so it fits properly.

The jewelry is beautiful, but I balk at paying $80+ for a cubic zirconia ring, bracelet or earrings. My only main complaint is how much the prices have raised over the years. For example, I think I remember the Lombard canary earrings being about $45 when we got them. Another would be this Paulette Goddard bracelet that I’ve always admired. I never got it because it was $80 and now it’s even higher.

To review: I understand companies hurting, but the raise in prices has really turned me off. The jewelry is beautiful and I still wear it on a regular basis as part of my every day wardrobe. However, the prices have gotten too high for my tastes, and haven’t bought from the website in a year or two.

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12 thoughts on “Actress beauty tip #22: Actress jewelry

  1. I find the same thing about vintage clothing…can’t bring myself to spend over $100 on a vintage “inspired” dress which doesn’t have to cost that much! I’d dress myself everyday in 30’s vamp, but I have other mouths to feed! So jealous of your jewels!


    • Exactly! I love the outfits that Bernie Dexter girl puts out and designs, but they are sooo expensive! I’d rather just go on ebay and find an authentic vintage outfit for half the price.

      I will admit, most of the jewelry stuff I got were Christmas presents haha.


  2. I’ve looked at that website before and they have a lot of pieces I like (that Lombard ring is definitely my style), but I agree, the prices are awfully steep for cubic zirconias.


    • I loved the Lombard stuff too. I will say I noticed the Marilyn Monroe jewelry has always been higher priced. I often wonder if it’s because she’s so much more popular to the mainstream.


  3. You’ve been to the grocery store in the last year or two, right? LOL! Inflation is a bitch.


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  5. Hello! Interesting blog! I was wondering about that website- if it was legit. I’ve requested a catalog several times but have yet to receive anything. I did email the store and they did respond. I wrote again asking them something and haven’t heard from them again for weeks. Not sure if I want to trust it, although their stuff looks great for gift giving (and I myself like the Humphrey Bogart ring).


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