Classic Movies in Music Videos: Gone by *NSYNC

This is October’s edition of Comet Over Hollywood’s classic film references in music videos.

Last October for Halloween, Comet spotlighted the Backstreet Boys “Everybody” music video because of its horror film themed video. It only seems appropriate to blog about their “competitors” *NSYNC a year later.

Justin Timberlake spoofing Charlie Chaplin in the music video “Gone.”

This month, I’m spotlighting *NYNC’s 2001 single, “Gone.” The video is probably the most boring video the band ever made. Filmed in black and white, Justin Timberlake dramatically and sadly sings about the loss of his girl friend and the other band members randomly pop up behind him during the chorus.

However, the first 40 seconds of the video are of the band pretending to be in a silent video with Timberlake dressed as a clean cut version of Charlie Chaplin’s character, the Little Tramp. We see this unexplained nonsense again the last 10 seconds of the video.

I’m not sure why *NSYNC decided to put a silent film spoof at the beginning of the video, unless they figured the video was so boring that it needed to be lightened up a bit.

Check back next month for another classic film reference in music videos!

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Actress Beauty Tip #26: *Halloween Edition*

This is the twenty-sixth  installment of the monthly classic actress beauty tips that I have read about and tsted.  

Need ideas thinking of a Halloween costume? This Comet Over Hollywood beauty tip is dedicated to one fairly easy classic movie related costume.

**This is a beauty tip requested by Page from My Love for Old Hollywood**

Elizabeth Taylor as “Cleopatra” in the 1963 epic.

Though Egyptian queen Cleopatra has been played by Theda Bara in 1917 and Claudette Colbert in 1934, the version that is best remembered is the 192 minute 1963 extravaganza starring Elizabeth Taylor. If you Google “Cleopatra make-up,” most of the photos and tutorials model their make-up off of Taylor’s portrayal.

What do you do: Put on a ton of eye make-up. Seriously.

I honestly didn’t follow a structured make-up video, I just looked at the above picture of Liz Taylor and copied it the best I could.

1. I used black Revlon liquid eye liner and drew large, swooping rectangles to the sides of my eyes and filled them in.  I also lined my bottom lid with a very thin line.

2. I used a turquoise colored Revlon powder eye shadow and applied that all the way up to my eyebrow and to where the extended eyeliner ended.

3. Put on a tad bit of bronzer. I’m pretty pale and didn’t want to look like a ghost with so much heavy make up.

4. Put on a black wig and some sort of headdress or band to go with it. I had a gold sequined headband that came in handy. Maybe throw on some large, gold, Egyptian looking earrings and jewelry as well.

5. Since I have blond eyebrows and was wearing a black wig, I applied some dark gold eye shadow to my eyebrows so the hair would match better.

Tad-ah! Now you look like Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra. Or Cher. Whichever you prefer.

J.P. dressed up as Cleopatra. This was so much fun, but I look ridiculous in a wig.

To review: So you end up looking a little ridiculous, but I always have a blast putting on a ton of make up that you would never wear in your daily life.

Whatever you decide to be for Halloween, have fun and stay safe! If it’s classic movie related, stop by Comet and share your photos.

Tune in next month for November’s beauty tip.

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Random from Comet: Now Playing Guides and moving

Comet Over Hollywood has been moving and Cary Grant helped!

I wanted to apologize for the lack of posts lately.

A year ago, Comet moved to Elkin, N.C. to work at my first reporting job at the Elkin Tribune, which I discussed in a the post Jessica Pickens: Girl Reporter.

A year later, I’ve moved on to a new job. Coming full circle, I’m now working in Shelby, N.C. at the newspaper I interned during the summer of 2010 when Comet Over Hollywood was born.

Do to the moving and lack of internet, I haven’t been able to continue the Classics in the Carolinas series.

In other exciting news, Turner Classic movies spotlighted Comet on their Twitter and Facebook page! In a moment of procrastination during packing, I took this photo:

Roughly 106 Turner Classic Now Playing Guides on my apartment floor.

I first started subscribing to the Turner Classic Movie Now Playing Guide in October 2003 and am currently still a subscriber. Since then I have kept every Now Playing Guide because of the great articles and covers, that usually feature the Star of the Month.

I posted the photo on Twitter and was retweeted by TCM and then put on their Facebook page and labeled as a “Super Fan” – A welcome treat to a bittersweet move.

Do you subscribe to the TCM Now Playing Guide? Have you kept them? What is your favorite cover?

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