Random from Comet: Now Playing Guides and moving

Comet Over Hollywood has been moving and Cary Grant helped!

I wanted to apologize for the lack of posts lately.

A year ago, Comet moved to Elkin, N.C. to work at my first reporting job at the Elkin Tribune, which I discussed in a the post Jessica Pickens: Girl Reporter.

A year later, I’ve moved on to a new job. Coming full circle, I’m now working in Shelby, N.C. at the newspaper I interned during the summer of 2010 when Comet Over Hollywood was born.

Do to the moving and lack of internet, I haven’t been able to continue the Classics in the Carolinas series.

In other exciting news, Turner Classic movies spotlighted Comet on their Twitter and Facebook page! In a moment of procrastination during packing, I took this photo:

Roughly 106 Turner Classic Now Playing Guides on my apartment floor.

I first started subscribing to the Turner Classic Movie Now Playing Guide in October 2003 and am currently still a subscriber. Since then I have kept every Now Playing Guide because of the great articles and covers, that usually feature the Star of the Month.

I posted the photo on Twitter and was retweeted by TCM and then put on their Facebook page and labeled as a “Super Fan” – A welcome treat to a bittersweet move.

Do you subscribe to the TCM Now Playing Guide? Have you kept them? What is your favorite cover?

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8 thoughts on “Random from Comet: Now Playing Guides and moving

  1. You should have said in your tweet that you don’t currently have TCM – That’s still true, isn’t it? I like Claude Rains from November 1998 and Kay Francis’ cover from 2010? (Can’t remember the month). I saw it immediately in your “spread.”


  2. That’s a lot of hats, young lady! The price of exquisite style. Poor Mr. Grant is almost certain to loose a little something off the top, alas. Still, he looks happy to help! A new adventure for you – such fun! Best of luck!!


  3. Thank you for posting the picture of your Now Playing guides – I just used it to justify my own collection to my husband 🙂


  4. You lucky folk in America. Here in the UK we have a very pale shadow of the US TCM. All these magazines look terrific.


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