Turn down your bass

Are you ever riding in the car and the song you are listening to makes your bass embarrassingly loud?

That’s happened to me on several occasions lately.  No I wasn’t listening to Lil’ Wayne or Lady Gaga’s latest single.  I was listening to classic movie soundtracks and my six disc “That Entertainment” box set.

I’ll be listening to a classic film soundtrack when it dawns on me.  That “BOOM BOOM BOOM” stereo is coming from my Jeep!  

Here are just a few songs that make me nervously turn down the bass:

1. “Ol’ Man River” by Warren Warfield in “Showboat” (1951)

2. “Easy to Love” by Jimmy Stewart in “Born to Dance” (1936)

3. “Maria” by Richard Beymer (dubbed by Jimmy Bryant) in “West Side Story” (1961)

4. “Return to Innocence” by Enigma (Okay, not a classic movie song but weird! lol)

What random songs do you listen to that makes your bass excessively loud?

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