Where else can I read Comet?

Can’t get enough of Comet Over Hollywood™? Here are other places you can find some of your favorite posts.

Film Columns for The Shelby Star:
Rolling out the red carpet for classic films– Introducing my new film column
Forgotten holiday film a quick favorite– Review of “Remember the Night” (1940)
1939: A year unlike any other– Explores the magic of Hollywood’s greatest year
From riches to rags: The lives of child stars– Exploring the hardship of being a child star, particularly for Baby Peggy Montgomery
What happened to Carole Landis?– Though Carole Landis’s death was ruled suicide, her family still believe it could have been murder.

1950s trashy films a guilty pleasure– My love of trashy films such as “A Summer Place”

Actions driven by my love of classic film– Classic film has lead me to test beauty tips or learn dances I’ve seen in films.

All singing, all dancing– The history of musicals and my love for them.

Jean Harlow’s last curtain call: Saratoga– A look at Harlow’s eerie last film.

Hot off the presses: Unethical reporters in classic films– The reporting methods of reporters in movies, that would get contemporary reporters fired.

Reporter “cain’t say no” to musicals– How my classic film love lead me to stage performances

The forgotten Best Picture winner– A looking at “How Green Was My Valley” has been overshadowed by “Citizen Kane.”


3 thoughts on “Where else can I read Comet?

  1. I want to provide trivia you are missing related to trumpet ‘playing’ portrayed by Jack Carson in “The Time, the Place, and the Girl” – his trumpeting was ‘ghosted’ by my dad, Paul Geil (1914-2008), who played first trumpet with Benny Goodman, Paul Whiteman, Clyde Lucas, Harry James, and Bob Chester, among others, as well as recorded hits with Frank Sinatra, Dinah Shore, Tony Martin, Mel Torme … list goes on and on. Just wanted you to know. It really irritates me how rarely Dad is credited for this trumpet “ghosting” he did for Jack. (Dad also coached Jack how to make his “pretend” trumpet playing pass for real.)


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