Different look, same great product

“Comet Over Hollywood” has received a slight make-over. Not that I don’t love Cyd Charisse in “Party Girl,” I just felt that we needed to put on our bathing suits with Constance Bennett and dive in to summer movie fun blogging!

My mink hat on Christmas Day 2009

Cheesiness aside, Constance Bennett is an actress I really admire and try to follow. For years she was known as one of the best dressed women in Hollywood. Why was Bennett such a fashion icon? Because she wore what she liked and didn’t follow fads.

I admit she is the reason I buy a lot of the vintage clothes I own and wear. Within the past year I’ve bought: a mink hat, turban, orange 1960s cape/poncho or 1940s yellow strapless formal.

Therefore, I dedicate this blog to my fashion inspiration, Constance Bennett.

Here is a video that shows Bennett’s glamour and fashion:

8 thoughts on “Different look, same great product

  1. I have long held a theory that any movie where a woman wears a turban is going to be first-rate.

    Examples off the top of my head: Barbara Stanwyck in Remember the Night and Lana Turner in The Postman Always Rings Twice.


    • I agree! I always get a certain thrill when I see old actresses wear turbans. It’s so chic. I searched on ebay for a long time before I found mine lol.


  2. hey saw you blog on LAMB, glad i came across it, as it kicks ass! Keep it up (my blog has helped my writing and gotten me quite the exposure and I wish you the same)


  3. Constance Bennett is one of my favorites, too. Such beautiful eyes — had her fame been a bit more sustained, perhaps Jackie DeShannon would have written a song about her.

    OTOH, Constance wasn’t the easiest person in the industry to work with. Universal initially wanted her to play the female lead (Irene) in “My Man Godfrey,” but William Powell, aware of her rather flighty reputation, would have none of it and demanded that his ex-wife, Carole Lombard, get the part. Ironic, in a way, because Lombard and her pal Diane Ellis were dismissed from Pathe in late 1929 because they too closely resembled Bennett, whom Pathe had just signed. A year later, Bennett bounced back, playing sexy ghost Marion Kerby in “Topper” and its underrated sequel, “Topper Takes A Trip” (from which the swimsuit photo above derives).

    Glad to see you too are now among the LAMB flock!


    • By “a year later,” I meant a year after “Godfrey,” not a year after Lombard was sent packing from Pathe. Oopsie. (Though it would have been fun to see the ribald humor of Thorne Smith’s “Topper” book adapted in the pre-Code era.)


  4. I love how allot of the past looks are coming back in style. I have some bathing suits that are the 50’s look and everyone loves them when I go out and wear them.


  5. That Robe!!!!!! My Goodness it looks like one of the most formal gowns you can find. Stimulating cream…face mask…glo(w) base (I am guessing foundation?) cream rouge… I wish she would have mentioned brand names…her powder appears to be wide open! ❤ this.


    • I know isn’t it so glamorous! I wish she said which brands she used as well.
      I’ve found some old brands that stars used on other websites but haven’t tried them out much.
      I’m not sure what the glow base was haha. I am assuming you are right, that it’s foundation.


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