Birthday on “Radio Waves” Nov. 18 show

Shirley Temple's 9th birthday in 1938

“Radio  Waves Over Hollywood” will be streaming live this Thursday night from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m (Eastern time).

But this Thursday is a special edition of “Radio Waves.”

November 18 is the birthday of some very important people: Mickey Mouse, Johnny Mercer and Jessica Pickens (me)! I’ll be turning 22 so on my show I will be lighting candles, wearing black and playing sad songs…Not really.

This week is a special show. Since it is my birthday a few guests from off campus are dropping in to discuss their favorite movies.  My mom and others are calling in, so feel free to call in at 803-323-2122 to talk about your favorite movies!

Listen in!

Topics for Nov. 18:
 -Actors who you never expect to sing
-Songs and scenes from my favorite movies
-Movies with Thanksgiving in them
-And more…

And remember, non-Winthrop students can listen and call in too!

So be sure to listen at 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.  live stream on (go to Listen Live) or  the old WINR website.

Check out the Comet Over Hollywood Facebook page and Radio Waves Over Hollywood Facebook page.

5 thoughts on “Birthday on “Radio Waves” Nov. 18 show

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Sounds like a fun show. I will definitely be listening and plan to call to discuss my favorite movies.


  2. Hi, is there a way to listen to this show on podcast form? I would love to listen but it would work much better if it was in an MP3 format. Thanks!


    • Unfortunately no 😦
      The radio managers at our school said they were working on it back in August and by December, still nothing had been done.
      I would love podcast form too 🙂
      If anything ever happens, I will post an announcement on my blog!


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