“I felt so low I could walk under a dachshund on stilts”

Dachshunds are probably the cutest dog to ever walk the planet. Maybe I’m a little biased, but their foot long torsos, stubby little legs, floppy ears and clown-like mischievousness is hard to resist. No wonder so many actors and actresses had these adorable hot dogs.

I generally don’t do long strings of photo posts, but I have noticed that lots of these cute German dogs pop up in movies and in celebrity homes. I also am really homesick for my best four-legged friend, Molly. Here is a list of stars who had these cute dogs:

*The quote above is from the Clara Bow silent film “It” (1927)

Fatty Arbuckle

Joan Blondell

French Charles Boyer and English Ronald Colman cuddle the little German

Claudette Colbert

Joan Crawford and her famous Baby and Boopshem

Marion Davies and her dachsie

Brian Donlevy

Clark Gable

Jean Harlow and her pup

Walter Huston and his dog spending quality time

Alan Ladd with his two children

Diana Lewis (aka Mrs. William Powell) and her doggie

Carole Lombard (Clark Gable and Carole Lombard had dachshunds together)

Julie London

Adolphe Menjou and his puppy

William Powell

Romy Schneider

Dean Stockwell

Anna May Wong

Even The Duke had a dachshund

Author of the blog and her dachshund Molly, Christmas 2009


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8 thoughts on ““I felt so low I could walk under a dachshund on stilts”

    • Me too! I haven’t done any theme photo posts before. But I’m going to try to do some if I can find some interesting topics 🙂


  1. Carole Lombard also owned a dachshund, Commissioner.

    Davies and William Randolph Hearst adored dachshunds and had several of them. Given their ties to the film industry, I wouldn’t be surprised it at least one of those other dogs pictured came from their litter.


    • I actually knew about Carole Lombard’s dog, but I didn’t really like the quality of either photo that I found so I didn’t post them.

      I didn’t know Davies and Hearst were such big dachshund fans! I knew I liked them! 🙂


  2. I’m a Lab guy, but agree that Dachsies are mighty cute. Enjoyed the photos, but, hey, no pic of Disney’s THE UGLY DACHSHUND? Oops, that’s right, he was a Great Dane.


  3. Just so you’ll all know, The Dachshund in the photo with Diana Lewis is the same one Harlow is holding–albeit a few years older. His name was “the flying Dutchman,” and he was given to Harlow by producer Walter Wanger as a present in 1936. After Harlow died in 1937, Powell (who was Harlow’s lover) took the Dutchman to Palm Springs with him and took care of him.


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