Hooray for the red, white and blue

I’ve always been under the firm belief that World War II era America is one of the most patriotic times this country has ever had. Women saved cooking grease, nylon hose and tubes of toothpaste to donate for war materials.  Film stars enlisted and performed for the soldiers. Female actresses danced with soldiers and talked to them about their mother’s and girlfriends. Here are some photos I found of actors entertaining service men. Enjoy 🙂

Betty Hutton dancing with a soldier

Olivia de Havilland with Navy officers

Ginger Rogers, Gloria DeHaven and other actresses shower a young soldier with attention. (LIFE)

Loretta Young visiting a Naval hospital

Carole Landis visiting soldiers in the South Pacific

Hedy Lamarr playing cards with soldiers

Ann Sheridan preparing to visit men overseas. Notice that she is also painted on the side of the plane.

USO king, Bob Hope, with soldiers

Marlene Dietrich playing the saw between her knees for a military audience. (My grandfather saw her do this)

Carole Lombard selling war bonds.

Robert Benchley and Charles Butterworth serving coffee at the Hollywood Canteen

Rita Hayworth showing some cheesecake as she dishes up food at the Hollywood Canteen

Veronica Lake mingling with a solider

This may be my favorite: Marlene Dietrich, Bob Hope, Joan Leslie, Jane Wyman (I think), and Bette Davis looking at Hollywood actors who enlisted. I think Bette is crying

Hope you enjoyed all of the photos. HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY! 🙂


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6 thoughts on “Hooray for the red, white and blue

  1. Great post for this holiday 4th! Thanks for putting up all these great photos. I like the one of Ginger Rogers and Co. surrounding that very young soldier – he looks overwhelmed by all that beautiful, feminine star power!


  2. Great observation, Jessica! WWII (and much of the time preceding) seemed to be a time when people weren’t ashamed to be patriotic and would do just about anything for their country. Sadly, that’s not always the case today. This is not to say that we shouldn’t speak out when wrongs occur, but I also think that we all have a lot to owe to our country, and should be proud to be part of it!

    I’ve never seen that last photo before but it is really neat! I wish it was bigger and a better angle so I could more clearly see who all the faces are.

    Also enjoyed the video of Hedy. I imagine that would be kind of awkward but it was sweet what a gentleman the soldier was. I loved seeing all the grinning faces in the crowd, though it really is kind of bitterweet.

    P.S. I think that’s Barbara Hale on the far left in the picture with Gloria DeHaven and Ginger Rogers.


    • Amen, I agree 100%! People aren’t as patriotic that’s for sure. I will say we probably aren’t as good a country as we were pre-1950s, but that doesn’t give any reason not to be patriotic and appreciate what we have here 🙂
      Yes I was really surprised about the last photo. I may be wrong, but it certainly does look like Miss Bette Davis is crying! I liked that alot lol. Also, thanks for pointing out Barbara Hale. I recognized women and wasn’t really sure who they were. One of them looked like Gail Patrick or someone like that, but I wasn’t sure.
      That Hedy Lamarr video is soooo sweet. He’s sooo sweet by kissing her on the forehead it makes me cry haha.


  3. I love the video of Hedy.
    Especially interesting considering her history with the Führer-she certainly had a good reason for wanting to see the Allies win the war.

    Also loved all of the photos even if I’ve seen most of them.

    Certainly images from a different time and a different era. Quite moving when you think about everything the “greatest generation” did for this country.

    Shame that they are slowly slipping away from us-and that many young people don’t recognize everything their grandparents did all those years ago.


    • I love it too 🙂
      I do think alot of the photos are moving and I got a little teary while looking through photos to use. All so sweet and fun, but such a weird juxtaposition since you know these boys were going off to a place that certainly wasn’t fun or caring.
      I do agree, we take so so much for granted. Just talk on our iPhone and Tweet about Starbucks lines being too long and the strap just broke off your Rainbow flip flop rather than thinking about how we wouldn’t have ANY of that if it hadn’t been for WW2 and the people who fought for it.


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