Actress Beauty Tip #15: Bette Davis Eyes

Young Bette Davis

This is the fifteenth installment of our monthly classic actress beauty tips that I have read about and tested.

Bette Davis is known for her eyes. There is a cheesy song that emulates them, people reference them all the time.

I came across a beauty regiment of Bette’s that I’ve always wanted to try that Miss Davis used to keep her eyes striking and bright.

I think we’ve all seen advertisements, television shows or movies where people lie around with cucumber slices on their eyes. I have always wondered, “What does this do? Is there any purpose?”

Bette Davis would put cucumber slices on her eyes at night and would sleep with petroleum jelly under her eyes. This was to help reduce swelling and dark circles under the eyes.

I have relaxed for 10 minutes before bed over the past week with cucumbers on my eyes.  I made sure I had washed off my make up before I did this so the cucumber would touch clean skin.

It gives sort of an odd sensation. The cucumber gave a cool and fresh sensation.

It is very relaxing sitting with your eyes closed for a few minutes. The skin around my eyes felt softer, but I’m not sure if it actually reduced puffiness or dark circles.

10 minutes with the cucumbers. Watch out for your pets!

I’ve been sleeping with petroleum jelly under my eyes for about a month and could tell a slight difference. Under my eyes seemed a little clearer.

To review: I could tell a small difference from the cucumbers but not large enough to do it every night.  Honestly, I think the only real way to get rid of dark circles is getting sleep.  However, if you are looking for a good way to relax this is perfect.

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13 thoughts on “Actress Beauty Tip #15: Bette Davis Eyes

  1. 🙂 She didn’t even put one in her mouth she was just sniffing. I think she thought “What the heck is on your face?”
    Molly doesn’t eat alot of table scraps, she’s a good girl 🙂


    • I use some sort of Eucerin jelly (just because that’s what I have) but I think it works the same as Vaseline. I don’t put a whole lot on because then I’d feel kinda yucky!


  2. This was an awesome post! First, Molly is incredibly cute. Second, I absolutely love the photo of her sniffing the cucumbers. My dog Portia woud probably just bark at me because I was doing another odd human thing. But hey, you can’t call the Kim Carnes song cheesy–that classic 80s (and the video is a riot).


  3. Cute shot with Molly, but I must object to your comment that “She’s Got Bette Davis Eyes” is a cheesy song. While not my favorite song from that time, it’s a good song. I do wish that this beauty tip worked. I could use something to brighten up my own baby blues.


  4. Bette’s eyes were indeed arresting. My mom once tried the cucumber treatment, but, since she was out of them, substituted with potatoes. Suffice to say, not a good idea…….


  5. Hi, J. This is Rachel, from The Girl with the White Parasol Blog. This is just a post to let you know that I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Award. Details over at my blog.


  6. She looks absolutely fantastic in that photo, almost unbelievably so. Is this the same old lady that we see on those celebrity roasts on Comedy Central?


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