Caroletennial (+3)- The simple glamour girl

The Gables: Words can not describe how I feel about this photo.

Since Thursday, October 6, Vincent over at Carole and Co blog has been hosting a blogathon celebrating the 103 birthday of the lovely and fascinating Carole Lombard.  I adore Carole Lombard and have been wanting to participate in the blogathon but I’ve had a hard time picking the right topic to discuss.

Though I am a huge fan of Carole, I unfortunately don’t too know much about her life. However, I have been reading about her life with Clark Gable lately and I’ve fallen even more in love with Carole.

I originally got interested in Carole Lombard for her glamour, sex appeal and fantastic taste in clothing. But I fell in love with the down home and earthy Carole she became with Clark Gable.

I’ve read articles that criticized how Carole changed when she and Clark started courting and got married. She wasn’t seen at night clubs as much and it was harder to get interviews with her. But all of this makes sense to me, she was in her 30s and was ready to start settling down.

Clark Gable was more interested in farming, outdoors and exploring than acting and Carole picked up on these interests.  I’ve read criticisms that Carole shouldn’t have changed herself and taken on the interests of her husband.  Carole said, “A woman’s a fool who doesn’t make her husbands interest her own,” according to a post from I’m inclined to agree with her.

Enough of my opinions.

Here are a few photos that made me fall in love with the homespun, Earthy Carole Lombard instead of the glittering, shining movie star.

Out doors Carole

Looking lovely in pigtails with a gun.

Carole fishing

Had to post this one because I think its hilarious and might show a bit of her character. (LIFE)

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6 thoughts on “Caroletennial (+3)- The simple glamour girl

  1. The outdoorsy side of Carole makes her all the more attractive.

    While she was certainly a glamour girl, the fact that she actively and earnestly participated in Clark’s passions for a simple, earthy life is quite endearing.

    I think she embodies an ideal wife that is becoming increasingly difficult to find these days.


  2. Yay. You did a post for the blogathon. 🙂 I wasn’t sure if the last one was your post or not. And I’ve been enjoying reading all these. 🙂


  3. I’ll add you to the list of blogathon participants, giving us 27. Thanks for contributing!

    (Note: The pic of Lombard fishing is actually for “In Name Only,” though I wouldn’t be surprised if Clark taught Carole how to fish for real.)


    • Thanks Vincent for adding me to the list. Sorry for being late, but I had to do something for Carole!

      And rats! I didn’t know the fishing photo was from “In Name Only”-it’s been awhile since I’ve seen it. Regardless it’s an adorable photo. I sure hope she fished in real life 🙂


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