A Birthday mini-blogathon at Comet

Constance Bennet came over to help with decorations.

This Friday (Nov. 18) is my 23rd birthday.

As a little birthday treat to myself, I thought I would watch a favorite classic film of mine every night until Friday.

Starting tomorrow until the end of the week, I will review one movie a day. I thought this would be a fun miniature, personal blogathon- especially since I haven’t shared my top favorites before in the last year that I’ve run this blog.

Feel free to comment or even write your own reviews and share your own favorites throughout the week!

Also, this upcoming weekend I will be participating in Scarlet Olive’s For the Boys blogathon!

I’m planning on announcing my own blogathon after the holidays, so be looking for that!

I hope you all have as much fun with this week’s JP birthday blogathon as I do! 🙂

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6 thoughts on “A Birthday mini-blogathon at Comet

  1. Have a very happy birthday! I can’t wait to read your posts for the mini blogathon and I’ll be looking forward to hearing about (and participating) in the other one.


    • Thanks Rianna! I’m excited about getting to rewatch my favorites. Hopefully everyone will like the blogathon topic I’m thinking about-I’m excited to announce it!


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