The day we’ve all been waiting for: Robert Osborne’s return

This is for the  Welcome Back, Bob! Blogathon celebrating Robert’s return to Turner Classic Movies on Dec. 1. Hosted by Carley (@MissCarley) from The Kitty Packard Pictorial and Will McKinley (@willmckinley).

Robert Osborne returns to TCM Dec.1

Silence always sweeps over my household whenever the prime time introduction begins on Turner Classic Movies. My family likes Robert Osborne, but they also know they might get in trouble if they talk during his words of wisdom.

Even non-classic movie fan friends know about my love for Robert. My senior year of college, I walked into Winthrop’s student newspaper office on my birthday. The desktop background of my computer had been changed to a photo of Robert Osborne saying Happy Birthday to me.

Robert Osborne birthday desk top background, thanks to my friend Devang Joshi

One of my favorite Robert Osborne moments was when he was interviewed by one of TCM’s programmers during Oscar month 2009. He told about how he went to journalism school, went to Hollywood, became friends with Lucille Ball and how that catapulted his career of film history. Ball told him to combine his journalism skills and film knowledge and write a book.  This was inspiring to me as a sophomore journalism student who also loves film.  A distant and most likely unattainable dream is to follow in his footsteps and do the same thing.

Though I haven’t had the good fortune to meet Mr. Osborne like so many other fans, his introductions are so personal, informative and sweet that you feel like you are his best friend. It’s like he’s sharing his knowledge with you and only you.  On New Year’s Eve, Dec. 31, 2009, he even wore a tuxedo and toasted a glass of champagne to the camera.

It was pretty Earth-shattering for me, as well as for all other Turner Classic Movie fans, when he announced his extended vacation. I was very upset, but honestly not very surprised. He looked tired and not quite himself. Mr. Osborne certainly deserved a rest-particularly after reading today that he hadn’t had a vacation in 17 years!

This is the closest I've ever gotten to Mr. Osborne

Jane Powell is one of my favorite actresses and I enjoyed hearing from Leonard Maltin, but none of the guest hosts came close to the personal panache Robert offers. Fortunately, I have so many movies recorded off of TCM-some dating to 2009-that I was still able to get my Robert Osborne fix during his absence.

One of my life goals is to meet Mr. Osborne but for now I’m happy enough with his return. Unfortunately, on a reporter’s salary and living on my own for the first time, I can’t afford cable and won’t be able to watch his first prime time introductions after five months on Thursday, Dec. 1, but my mother promised to record it for me.

Welcome back, Robert Osborne and thank you for all you have taught us film fans.

With much love and admiration,

Jessica Noelle Pickens

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11 thoughts on “The day we’ve all been waiting for: Robert Osborne’s return

  1. I am in love with Robert Osborne even though he doesn’t know it or know me. The guest hosts did their best while he was away but it wasn’t the same. He certainly deserved some time off but I hope he doesn’t take 3 months in a row next time.


    • haha I know what you mean, I feel like I’m best friends with him adn we haven’t even met. I agree, he certainly deserved the time off but I’m so happy he’s back!


  2. Although, this reply is coming many months after your wonderful post, better late than never, yes?? Very fortunately your site came up while searching for something classic film related and love your tribute to Robert Osborne. And to think that I was the only one who felt this way about him! In your article, I was so relieved that he had made an announcement (missed that) that he was going on a much deserved vacation, as I feared that he was ill and couldn’t bring myself to even look into it.

    His warmth, knowledge, sincere love of classic films and the Golden Age of Hollywood was sorely missed, even with the films & intros that have been DVR’d. Even though his intros are pre-recorded, it is still as if he’s right there with you in your living room! I’ve loved classic films for as long as I can remember, and although only in my 20’s, Mr. Osborne has served me greatly as a teacher (as he has to so many others!) and deepened my love and appreciation of them. So, welcome back Robert Osborne!!!

    On a side note: My goal for next year is to make it to either to TCM’s film festival in Hollywood or to even go on the cruise!


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