Actress Beauty Tip #32: Susan Hayward diet

This is the thirty-second installment of the monthly classic actress beauty tips that I have read about and tested.

Actress Susan Hayward stayed thin with a three day diet of eggs and tomatoes.

Actress Susan Hayward stayed thin with a three day diet of eggs and tomatoes.

This week I went on a diet for Comet Over Hollywood.

Red-headed Academy Award winning actress Susan Hayward claimed she stayed under 118 pounds by eating 2 eggs (prepared any way) and one tomato three times a day for consecutive three days.

“If you continue more than three days, you may start clucking like a hen,” Hayward said in an interview.

Hayward claimed you could lose five pounds in three days with this diet, which seems highly doubtful to me.

“Her (Susan Hayward) measurements are the same as they were when she was 20,” beauty columnist Lydia Lane wrote about the then 47-year-old actress in an Aug. 2, 1964, column, “Susan Hayward Gives Diet Tips.”

The Comet isn’t anywhere near 118 pounds, but I’m always a fan of weight loss and eating healthy. I decided to give it a try. I like both eggs and tomatoes so I figured it couldn’t be that hard. Here is how the three days went for me:

Tuesday, Oct. 1:
Breakfast: Two eggs scrambled with a cut up tomato. It was delicious and filling. However, I realized eating one whole tomato for a meal is ALOT of tomato. Or alot more than I’m used to eating.
Lunch: Was still full from breakfast so didn’t eat the hard boiled eggs and cut up tomato I brought for lunch.
Dinner: Felt a bit like I was getting a cold so talked myself into getting a McDouble from McDonalds, instead of eating eggs and tomatoes for dinner.

Wednesday, Oct. 2 
Breakfast: Two scrambled eggs and a tomato again. Still tasted good.
Lunch: Two hard boiled eggs and a tomato. Enjoyable meal made even better when I dabbed my egg in mustard.
Dinner: Sunny-side up eggs on a toasted sandwich with a cut up tomato on the sandwich. Ate the rest of the tomato by itself. Filling but growing weary of eggs.

Thursday, Oct. 3
Breakfast: Skipped breakfast because running late for work.
Lunch: Another delicious meal of hard boiled eggs with a tiny bit of mustard and a tomato.
Dinner: I went to the fair….and had a chicken pita wrap….Nothing fried or terribly unhealthy, but still not part of the diet.

Friday, Oct. 4
I was going to add one more day to the diet since I cheated on two meals but ended up not eating all day because was too busy at work. Had spaghetti for dinner

Hayward shows off her figure as she dances in the John Wayne film

Hayward shows off her figure as she dances in the John Wayne film “The Conqueror” (1954).

To review: Since it was only for a few days, I can’t say if I lost weight. I can say I continuously wanted to eat a cheeseburger. However, eating healthier made me feel a little better about life. I stayed full after eating and my usually oily hair and skin felt fresher than usual at the end of the day.

For me, eating eggs and tomatoes for both breakfast and lunch isn’t difficult, but eating it a third time for dinner is when it got tiresome. By that point, I wanted to cook a pork chop or even just eat some cereal and toast.

I can’t say I will continue with Susan Hayward’s diet, but will probably continue to incorporate eggs into my diet at least once a day. I did consider taking a break for two days and doing the diet for three more consecutive days, but I’m pretty tired of eggs and tomatoes right now.

So in review, though I didn’t drop rapid weight, I did feel better about life during this diet. 

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6 thoughts on “Actress Beauty Tip #32: Susan Hayward diet

  1. Sounds like an interesting diet…low carb, except for some sugars in the tomatoes, but protein with the eggs, a bit of fat depending on what one cooks them in, vitamin C above all else in the tomatoes, and I suppose one could eat grape tomatoes, yellow tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, and now wondering if one could substitute tomato juice??


  2. Ya know, I’m so trying this diet! If I lose weight, I’ll let you know! It’s worth a go, it’s only eggs and I hardly eat, anyway. Be a good break from my current diet of hummus & cucumbers! : )


  3. Kudos to you for trying Hayward’s diet! I love reading about old Hollywood diets. Some of the menus are quite interesting. Eggs and tomatoes? I love both but would get sick of eating the same thing really quickly. At least there was some protein in that diet.


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