Comet speaks!

Hello readers!

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Now I’m bringing yet another way to celebrate classic Hollywood.

Every week, Youtube videos – just another way to discuss classic films. They could vary from testing a classic beauty tip, visiting a celebrity museum or footage from the Turner Classic Movie Film Festival.

This week’s introduces the videos and myself and also further discusses the interview I had with actress turned nun Dolores Hart back in September.


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I’d like to give a special thanks to my friend and coworker, Ben Earp for helping me shoot and edit the video. If you enjoy trains, be sure to follow his youtube page as well

Thanks for reading and watching!

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4 thoughts on “Comet speaks!

  1. How great to hear you! I’ve done some videos, and I have another about Mary Astor as a writer. The problem is I have no time right now to edit and upload it!
    I’m anxious for more of your videos!


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