Movie night at Comet’s

This week, the Comet welcomes you into my home for movie night!

Since June, I have been holding monthly movie nights known as “Classics at Comet’s.”

My friends were interested in seeing what my classic film was all about so each month I present a film from a different decade.

Watch to see what Classics at Comet’s is all about:

What is are films you feel like everyone should see?

Thanks for reading and watching!

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4 thoughts on “Movie night at Comet’s

  1. I think silent dramas are much more difficult for people to get into, especially since the only one they’ve all heard of is Birth of a Nation, and *that* is not a good first experience. I’d say try a silent comedy short or two if you’re weary– just stick them in front of another picture if you’re worried people will out and out avoid it. My roommates all really enjoy Harold Lloyd and Buster Keaton because I’ve sat them down and made them watch their films, so it’s certainly rewarding if it works!


  2. Keaton’s ‘Seven Chances,’ Clara Bow in ‘It’ and Hitchcock’s half-silent ‘Blackmail’ are my go-to movies when I’m introducing friends to silents, though I recently introduced my dad (who had never seen a single silent!) to ‘He Who Gets Slapped’ and he really enjoyed it. You can’t really go wrong with Lon Chaney!


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