13 thoughts on “Turner Classic Movies Film Festival 2016: The People

  1. Wow, Jessica, this really nails it for me, and probably a lot of us. So beautifully written. I had a similar story, except there was this kind of dorky kid who found out I liked Bette Davis and gave me some pointers on things to see and a local place to buy movie books and posters. I was a bit mortified by his attention, but I think it planted the seed that the definition of the “cool kids” is personal; they are whoever your people happen to be. If I had been a bit wiser at age 12, I’d have made a lifelong friend of that sweet guy. Anyway, nice work. You are a hell of a writer.


    • Thank you for your kind words, Kendahl! I figured others, such as yourself, could relate. It’s funny how you think you were the only weird kid in school, quoting Bette Davis, but there were so many others! I look forward to getting to hang out with you again next year!


  2. Hey, Jessica– man, that was great; what a cool article!! I am so glad (vicariously) that you have found such a great group to exchange/share your passion with. Even though i have never been to a festival/ gathering, like the TCMFF, it was kind of like experiencing your excitement and history while reading this. The pics show just how much everyone was enjoying themselves. As always, enjoyed this piece thoroughly ! My best to ya’, Comet !


    • Thank you for always reading and being such a Comet Over Hollywood supporter, Russ! I hope you can come out to the festival one year. It’s really something I suggest to any classic film fan!

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  3. Loved this read. Got a hearty chuckle when I read the bit about gasping and Walter Pidgeon, my favorite classic movie actor. What a hoot, that hit me right in the heart as well. Wonder what would have happened if I’d mentioned Jack Carlson? 🙂

    Hope to get to #TCMFF myself some day. I appreciate these writings of gold in the mean time!


    • I was the one doing the gasping over someone not liking Walter Pidgeon 🙂 I love him as well! I thought, “What’s not to love about Mr. Pidgeon?” I hope you are able to make it out to the festival one day. It certainly can take some budgeting, but it’s well worth it. Thanks for reading!


  4. Great discovery for me was the blogosphere and starting my own blog . I’m thrilled that there are many like yourself, probably born after the end of the classic era , who will keep it alive forever!
    I’ve been a fan of 30s/40s/50s Hollywood for over 40 years.


  5. Thank you for this, Jessica. 🙂 I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve gotten weird looks during icebreakers at school or work at when I say my favorite movie is The Apartment, or when I was the only person in my college class on the Kennedys who could name all the members of the Rat Pack without Googling. Social media, blogging, and #TCMParty have been a godsend for this fellow odd duck, but I crave real-life human interaction. I’ve yet to attend the TCM festival (I was in school during the first six and an unfortunate circumstance kept me from going this year), but I’m making it a priority to attend next year. I’ve been living vicariously too long.


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