Musical look-a-likes: Harve and Howard

I wanted to follow up on yesterday’s Or maybe like the Prisoner of Zenda post about classic celebrities who look alike.

I talked about how singer/actors Howard Keel and Harve Presnell looked and sang similarly.  To recap, Keel was in movies like “Kiss Me Kate” and “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers” while Presnell was in “Paint Your Wagon” and “The Unsinkable Molly Brown.”

The photos I posted showed their physical similarities, but I am posting two videos to show their similar vocal styles.

PicMonkey Collage

Howard Keel and Harve Presnell

Keel in his role of Frank Butler in “Annie Get Your Gun” singing “The Girl that I Marry.”

Presnell in “Paint Your Wagon” in his role as Rotten Luck Willy singing “They Call the Wind Mariah.”


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4 thoughts on “Musical look-a-likes: Harve and Howard

  1. I wanted to see if anybody else could see the similarities between Howard Keel and Harve Presnell. I am pleased that somebody else noticed as well.


  2. Watching ” When the boys meet the girls” with Harve Presnell, for a few minutes I thought I was watching Howard Keel. Wow they can pass as twins.


  3. I thought i was seeing things when i read that it wasnt howard keel in the insinkable molly brown!! Could they have been related??


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