I say potato and you say potahto

My mom got an e-mail from Amazon.com this morning about an Alice Faye CD called “In a Wonderland: Vol. 4.”

I want you all to observe the cover of the CD very closely. Other than the fact that the cover looks like a sixth grader designed it in Paint, what do you notice?  Please comment if you notice it!

So terrible

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6 thoughts on “I say potato and you say potahto

    • I know isn’t that awful! haha I’m ashamed to say it took me a minute to realize it said Alicia. I think it’s because I had my preconceived notions that it should say Alice and overlooked it.


  1. ALICIA? Wonga may have called her that as a joke on their radio show, but ALICIA? At least the CD wasn’t labelled “Good Health to All from Walgreens”


    • LOL Yes, it does seem like a cheap CD that would come out of Walgreens doesn’t it.

      I’m not sure who Wonga is. Would you care to elighten me 🙂


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