Actress Beauty Tip #23: Fashion copied in films

This is the twenty-third  installment of the monthly classic actress beauty tips that I have read about and tested.  I can’t believe the last beauty tip review was in April.

Like March and April’s beauty tip, July is going to focus on fashion trends from films. For the time being I’ve run out of regiments to test, but I’m still digging around for some. If you have anything you want to read about, let me know!

Esther Williams-the Million Dollar Mermaid

One of my favorite actresses is Esther Williams, “The Million Dollar Mermaid”.

The Olympic swimmer turned movie star may not have been the greatest at acting. However, she always looked lovely gracefully swimming through the water during a synchronized swimming extravaganza that was featured in nearly all of her movies.

Williams in the 1940s

Not only was her swimming ability fascinating, but her figure always looked great in a fashionable, one-pieced bathing suit.

When summer rolls around, I’m sure I’m not the only classic film fan scouring eBay and vintage clothing stores looking for 1940s, Maillot pin-up looking bathing suits.

Esther Williams does have her own swimsuit line, but it’s hard to justify spending $90 on a bathing suit when you are on a budget, so you search for alternatives.

Two years ago I found a new a new-old maillot style bathing suit and got to wear it for the first time this weekend to a party.

(left to right) My friend Kitsey and I, modeling our vintage looking swim wear.

It was comfortable and I wasn’t self-conscious as a bikini might have made me, but still felt like a 1940s pin-up.

Friends even said I “looked like I had stepped out from another decade”-making me feel even more like  Esther Williams.

To review: Though bikinis are considered more sexy and commonly worn these days, don’t be afraid to buy a vintage style one piece. It looks just as nice and get you feeling like a Hollywood starlet.

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Classic film in music videos: National Anthem by Lana Del Rey

This is July’s edition of Comet Over Hollywood’s classic film references in music videos.

As we just pass the Fourth of July, it only seems appropriate to have a song with patriotic lyrics like “Red, white, blues in the sky, summer’s in the air and baby heaven’s in your eyes.”   However, Lana Del Rey’s “National Anthem” video isn’t a summer, patriotic explosion.

The video starts off with Del Rey as Marilyn Monroe singing “Happy Birthday” to President John F. Kennedy.  Some may find it odd that Del Rey wore her hair naturally-not Monroe bleached blond-but even more interesting that JFK is played by rapper A$AP.

The rest of the video is Lana Del Rey (playing a dual role) as Jackie O. with the president and their children.

The director, Anthony Mandler, of the video said:

“And I think the Kennedy relationship, certainly the triangle of Marilyn Monroe and Jackie O and Jack Kennedy, became this kind of ideal of what seemed perfect from the outside was maybe rotting from the inside,” he continued. “And Lana was really interested in exploring this loss of innocence, this idea that what you think you’re experiencing is maybe not what it’s always going to be. “

For comparison, here is Marilyn Monroe singing happy birthday to JFK inMay 1962:

Lana Del Rey’s “National Anthem” as both Marilyn and Jackie:

It’s not surprise that Del Rey donned a Jackie O. look. Her fashion and music style is 1960s inspired and she calls herself a version of Nancy Sinatra.

I think it’s interesting that a few songs recently use Monroe’s and Kennedy’s relationship as inspiration, including Lady Gaga’s “Government Hooker.”

Check back in August for another classic film reference in music videos!

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