Comet in Hollywood: Turner Classic Movies Classic Film Festival 2016


Comet will be in Hollywood this week!

We’ll be attending our fourth Turner Classic Movies Film Festival, which is Thursday, April 28, through Sunday, May 1.

For those who have never attended, this is like a film 10k — no running (you may power walk between film — but equally as exhausting. From 9 a.m. to after 12 a.m., you watch classic film after classic film with other fans who know and love Cary Grant or Roland Young as much as you do.

Though you are sleep and food deprived (you either watch films, pack snacks or skip a film to eat) the TCM Film Festival is truly Walt Disney World for classic film fans.

There isn’t a great deal of downtime, but I’ll do my best to post while I’m in Hollywood. In addition to this page, here are other ways to follow me:
Twitter: @HollywoodComet
Instagram: @HollywoodComet
Or here!

1 thought on “Comet in Hollywood: Turner Classic Movies Classic Film Festival 2016

  1. Hi! Jessica,
    Hope it is all you want it to be. Do you know it is the 100th Year of the birth of Van Johnson?
    Does Turner Classics know, and what are they doing about it? A new book about Van Johnson,
    by Carlton Varney is due out in the Fall. Van’s birthday is August 25. We are expecting that his
    hometown of Newport, Rhode Island will declare Van Johnson Day, as they have been doing since
    2010. the campaign to get Van a stamp in the Legends of Hollywood put out by the USPO is
    ongoing, Let’s keep up the momentum, and get that stamp for Van!


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