Actress Beauty Tip #30: Marilyn Monroe breakfast

This is the thirtieth installment of the monthly classic actress beauty tips that I have read about and tested.

Since I’ve started these beauty tips, I’ve tried some crazy things. Some include washing my hair with champagne and bathing in milk.

When I was living at home, my parents didn’t mind as long as I cleaned up after myself.

However, I get the feeling that I would have been scolded for Beauty Tip #30.

Recently, I’ve been reading columns by NY Magazine diet columnist, Rebecca Harrington. Harrington read about what Greta Garbo, Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe ate and tests it for about two weeks to see the results. Most of the foods are revolting, have complicated recipes and Harringon’s accounts are hilarious.

To celebrate Marilyn Monroe’s birthday, I decided to try one of her diet tricks.

Every morning, Monroe had warm milk with a raw egg in this, according to Harrington.

An article about Monroe's diet routine in Pageant magazine, Sept. 1952

An article about Monroe’s diet routine in Pageant magazine, Sept. 1952

“To my surprise it was utterly delicious,” she said in her column. Reading this I thought, “Hm. Milk and eggs are actually two things I have at my house. I’m trying to lose weight. I should try this.”

My goal was to drink the milk and raw egg concoction for a week and see what weight loss results I had. I lasted two days.

I didn’t stop because I was hungry or that it tasted bad. The combination is actually pretty good -really only taste the milk- and I stayed full for hours after drinking it.

My issue was looking at the drippy, gooey consistency of the raw egg in my milk and that I was basically drinking salmonella-in-a-cup.

It also dawned on me that drinking a raw egg is just plain stupid. The health benefit of drinking a glass of milk and eating a hard boiled egg is probably about the same and it’s safer.

To review: The milk and raw egg combination kept me full and  tasted fine, but the fact that I was drinking a raw egg (salmonella in a cup) unnerved me. I can stay just as full and healthy by drinking a glass of milk and a cooked egg.

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