A great man was born today

Happy birthday Robert Osborne! I'm not sure why we aren't best friends yet

I am not one to do a lot of birthday tribute blogs, but today is  someone’s birthday who is very close to my heart. May 3 is the day of the great Robert Osborne’s birth. Today he is turning 79.

Robert Osborne is a very special person in our household. My family knows that no one should talk as he speaks words of movie wisdom. They also know if he ever came to speak anywhere in the southeast I would be the first in line for a ticket. (I was going to go see him when he was supposed to come to Atlanta in April for a film festival, but it was canceled for lack of interest.)

There are lots of actors that I love and would have loved to meet: Van Johnson, June Allyson and would still like to meet Esther Williams and Doris Day, but they don’t seem as accessible as Robert Osborne.  Robert seems like he is a regular, friendly guy that you could go out to lunch with and just chew the fat.

I’d like to share with you this video of a very young Robert Osborne on the “Beverly Hillbillies” when he was trying out his acting skills. Wasn’t he handsome?

One of my dreams is to meet Robert Osborne.  I’m not sure who will replace Robert whenever he leaves Turner Classic Movies, but they will have a hard time filling his shoes. He IS Turner Classic Movies.

Happy birthday to the man that makes Turner Classic Movies and has helped classic film nostalgia grow in importance.

Me and Robert...the bobble head. I got this for my birthday this year

**Stay tuned this summer for a more in-depth Robert Osborne post**

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