Photoplay Jan. 1948: Happy New Woman

“With these resolutions, ring in the new … to enhance your beauty the whole year through.”

“Happy New Woman” by Anita Colby (Scanned by Comet Over Hollywood)

For the new year, let’s enhance your beauty routine a la 1948:

Linda Darnell’s slogan is “care in color.”

Beverly Tyler lives by “cleanliness.”

Lizabeth Scott likes the streamlined, uncluttered look

Paulette Goddard says to stay alert.

In a January 1948 Photoplay article, Anita Colby, Photoplay beauty editor and feminine director at Selznick Studios, shares how to be a new woman in the new year with some help from Hollywood actresses.

Colby says to get rid of things that may be a result of carelessness in your appearance: figure bulges; makeup colors that don’t go with your skin, eyes or hair; or sagging and uneven hemlines.

The article “Happy New Woman” includes 12 tips inspired by Linda Darnell, Beverly Tyler, Lizabeth Scott and Paulette Goddard:

Inspired by Paulette Goddard, who is always alert, prompt for business appointments, doesn’t miss a trend and aware of her shortcomings:
1. I will get enough sleep to maintain my best temper.

2. I’ll do toning exercises every day, aware if I am to be mentally, spiritually alert I must be physically alert also.

3. I’ll carry myself well. I’ll keep my shoulders back, chest out, stomach in, head high – in the posture of poise. I will guard against a lazy slump.

4. I’ll be aware, realizing that a woman who does not know what goes on in the world cannot hope to be attractive or good company, especially for men.

Inspired by Lizabeth Scott, who learned the secret of the “uncluttered look” as a model in New York. Scott wore tailored clothes, wide belts to accentuate her waist.
5. My closet will be a showcase for my clothes with a hanger for every garment and boxes for all my hats. To this end, I will discard those things I should not wear.

6. I’ll keep my clothes brushed, cleaned and repaired. However slim I may be when I wear a straight skirt, I will wear a girdle so my skirt will not look bagged out or sat upon. I’ll brush my suits before and after wearing. I’ll keep my blouses fresh and ironed. My shoes will be kept in a good state of repair at all time, brushing suede shoes before and after each wearing, using shoe trees always.

7. I’ll be careful in my choice of shoulder line, waistline, hemlines and length of my jackets. I’ll choose a shoulder line broader than my hips to balance my figure. A jacket that is too long will cut the height of a medium-sized girl and a jacket that is too short will make her look lanky.

8. I’ll get myself an attractive mood-brightening rainy-weather outfit so that I never have to hide under my umbrella.

9. I’ll endeavor to be meticulous about my conduct. I will be thoughtful and remember appointments, be punctual, keep a record of dates so I do not fail to send my friends cards or notes upon important occasions.

Inspired by Linda Darnell, who learned to enhance her natural beauty with cosmetics but also takes care of her skin. Every night she uses a cleansing cream, which she washes off with soap and cold water and dabs her face with astringent. She follows up with a “nourishing” cream that she wipes off before going to bed. She doesn’t patch her makeup, she does a complete makeup change twice a day:
10. I will apply cosmetics strategically and sparingly, and thus improve my good points rather than disguise them. When I wear bright colors, I will choose a bright, clear red lipstick. With pastels, pinks and blue tones, I’ll use a light lipstick with a pinkish cast. I’ll keep to the natural line of my mouth, aware of my own expression contributes largely to the one thing nobody else has – my individuality.

Inspired by Beverly Tyler, who is lovely because she is an extremist about cleanliness. She scrubs her face, neck, hands and arms with a complexion brush. Twice a day she takes a brisk shower to awaken her skin in the morning and then to relax and cleanse her pores of dust at night.
11. I’ll remember that the most important aspect of a woman’s charm is her freshness and cleanliness. I never will be without deodorant or toilet water, and my daily bath will be a beauty treatment as I relax in a scented tub.

12. My hands will receive a beauty treatment beyond the scope of regular manicures. I’ll cream them, and to protect them while doing small chores about the house, I’ll keep a bottle of lotion on my kitchen shelf. I’ll brush my hair regularly and following shampoos, I’ll rinse my hair carefully so it will be free of soap. To soften my hair, I’ll add a final rinse of lemon or diluted vinegar.

What do you think?

Do you think you will be trying any of these this new year? Most of these sound fairly basic and sensible, though I can’t say I will be wearing a girdle. I also am not sure where I would find a mood-brighening rain-weather outfit.

Happy New Year!

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  1. I would happily schmear on every cream, lotion, potion, known to Helena Rubenstein and her ilk, not to mention copious applications of Armour-Star lard — practically anything short of Blue Bonnet margarine — and I wouldn’t rule that out completely — if I could be Tyrone Power’s “Day-Time Wife” if only for a day.

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