Running Lines: Mixing Quotes into Your Lingo

If you’re a classic film fan, it’s almost a given that many people you greet in your daily life won’t know what you’re talking about. Topics like the cool pre-code you watched last night or how you’re still angry that Gloria Swanson didn’t win the Academy Award for “Sunset Boulevard” are most likely met with a blank stare.

Even still, classic films are so immersed into our daily life and thoughts, that it’s hard not to casually quote a film in your daily speak. I don’t mean outrageous and obvious quotes that would get you called into Human Resources. (See: Standing on your desk and shouting “Look at me, Ma! Top of the world!” or ending a meeting with “Frankly, my dear I don’t give a damn.”)

For me, there are simple, catchy film quotes that I slip into my conversations on the sly; fully knowing that no one around me will understand that I’m referring to a film.

Here are six examples of a few of the movies I quote regularly:

Battleground (1949)

Plot: The 101st Airborne Division is fighting in Bastogne during the Battle of the Bulge in World War II.

"That's for sure, that's for dang sure" —Battleground (1949) (Comet Over Hollywood/Jessica P screen cap)

“That’s for sure, that’s for dang sure” —Battleground (1949)
(Comet Over Hollywood/Jessica P screen cap)

The division is made up of various personalities from all over the United States. One of the soldiers, Abner Spudler (Jerome Courtland) is supposed to be a little more country than the rest and repeatedly says “That’s for sure, that’s for dang sure,” when he agrees with someone.

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