Hollywood Halloween: DIY Film Themed Costumes

This post was updated in Oct. 2020 to incorporate new costumes.

If you’re like me (or any other classic film fan), the character or actor you want to dress as isn’t at Party City. There are only ill-fitting $80 Marilyn Monroe costumes from “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.” No one sells a “Gigi” costume so you can be Leslie Caron or a frumpy, loud costume to be Barbara Stanwyck in “Stella Dallas.” So that’s why we make our own.

Starting in my last year of college, I decided I wanted to dress as my favorite stars so I started making my own costumes for Halloween. Of course, I make these costumes fully knowing that the only people who will understand them are my Twitter followers and readers of Comet Over Hollywood. Here are my Halloween costumes since 2010:


Carmen Miranda Halloween costume in 2010

Carmen Miranda: Halloween 2010
As a huge musical fan, Carmen Miranda is always a bright spot. This was a fairly easy costume of gathering together various vibrant pieces to simulate the Carmen Miranda feel, rather than mimic a specific costume from one of her films. The only purchased clothing was the vest and skirt, which were vintage from eBay. While known as “the Lady with the Tutti Frutti Hat,” not all of Miranda’s hats involved fruit — some included umbrellas, butterflies or were simple, bright turbans. However, I decided to go with the fruit design since it was most identifiable. The hat was made of a baseball cap with the bill cut off and fruit from the five and 10 cent store glued and sewed on. No one knew who I was and only called me Chiquita Banana, who was inspired by Miranda.

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Halloween with Comet Over Hollywood

Happy Halloween from Comet Over Hollywood!

This week’s video discusses:
-My Louise Brooks costume based on the lost silent film “Now We’re in the Air” (1927)
-My favorite horror film-which is limited, because I am too much of a scaredy cat to watch horror films
-And I sing a little for you!

My Halloween costume modeled after Louise Brooks in "Now We're In the Air" (1927)

My Halloween costume modeled after Louise Brooks in “Now We’re In the Air” (1927)

Did you dress up as anything classic film related this year? Be sure to e-mail me your photos at cometoverhollywood@gmail.com and I will help you show them off on Comet!

For Throwback Thursday, here are some previous Halloweens we have celebrated together:
-2010 Carmen Miranda costume
-2011 Cyd Charisse from “Bandwagon” costume
-2012 Elizabeth Taylor “Cleopatra” (1964) make-up tutorial

Stay safe tonight. And if you throw flour in anyone’s face (a la Margaret O’Brien in “Meet Me In St. Louis” (1944), make sure everyone knows that you are the “most horrible.”

Thanks for reading and watching!

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