Classic movies in Music Videos: Backstreet’s Back

We have October’s installment of classic film referenced or shown in music videos.

This month I’m spot lighting the 1997 Backstreet Boy’s video “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back).

Now before you stop reading I’ll admit this one is a bit of a stretch. However the information on the music video says the video “plays a parody on every horror film genre in the same light as Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller.'”

The boy band gets stranded in a haunted house and each one dances around like a different monster in the video:

– Brain is a werewolf-think Lon Chaney Jr. in ‘The Wolf Man” (1941)

-Howie is Dracula-maybe he was channeling his inner Bela Lugosi

-Nick is a mummy-possibly referencing the 1932 film The Mummy

-Erik is dressed as the Phatom of the Opera- I’d like to think he was thinking of Lon Chaney or Claude Rains

-Kevin is Two-Faced which is supposed to be Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde- Frederic March or Spencer Tracey anyone?

It’s highly possible the Backstreet Boys are not familiar with any of the classic films I mentioned above but those are the films I thought of while watching the video-probably because classic film is pretty much on my mind all the time.

Hopefully you just don’t ban Comet Over Hollywood if you were more of an N’Sync fan!

This is also just a cheesy little video just in time for Halloween.  And hey, maybe it will remind you of your youth (I was in third grade when this came out).  Enjoy!

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