Actress Beauty Tip #6: Soft Doris Day skin

This is the sixth installment of our monthly classic actress beauty tips that I have read about AND tested.

Doris Day was the quintessential girl next door with a sunny smile, blonde hair and flawless skin.

Doris Day showing off some skin

How did Doris Day keep her skin so smooth and clear looking?

In her autobiography “Doris Day: Her Own Story,” Day said that once a month she would cover her body with Vaseline before she went to bed to soften her skin. She would wear gloves, sock and pajamas that would make sure the Vaseline stayed on her skin and didn’t get all over her bed.

I haven’t specifically used Vaseline, but I have used coco butter on my skin over night which is a similar consistency.  I’ve had issues with dry knees, ankles and elbows and the coco butter worked relatively well.

However, over coco butter, I’ve found that baby oil and Nivea work best for softening skin over night.

To review: I haven’t used Vaseline overly much but I’m substituting coco butter for my experiment. It moisturizes well but Nivea and baby oil work much better.

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Actress Beauty Tips #4: Nivea moisturizing

This is the fourth installment of our monthly classic actress beauty tips that I have read about AND tested.

Lana Turner in “The Postman Always Rings Twice” (1946)

Lana Turner was one of the most beautiful women in films, and she also had flawless skin. For being rich and glamorous, Lana had surprisingly modest beauty regiments.

Along with using inexpensive Boraxo powdered soap as an exfoliant, Lana used Nivea Creme lotion to moisturize. According to her daughter Cheryl Crane’s book “LANA: The Memories, the Myths, the Movies,” Lana used the creme right after she got out of the shower to keep her skin soft, flawless and smooth. Marilyn Monroe also used Nivea Creme.

In some posts I give a “how to” portion but there is really no rhyme or reason on how to use Nivea. From what Crane says in the book, Lana would apply the creme all over her body right after getting out of the shower.

I started using Nivea in December after reading Lana used it and think that it is better than any other moisturizer or lotion that I have ever used. I have an issue with very dry ankles, elbows and knees and no other lotion has made them as smooth as Nivea does.

I will say, Nivea Creme is rather thick and sticky. It takes a little longer than a regular lotion to rub in and also takes longer to wash off of your hands. However, it will last all day once you put it on. I even feel like it helps reduce leg shaving.

I use the traditional Nivea Creme along with a Nivea chapstick and Nivea Soft, which is the same as Nivea Creme, just lighter and less thick and sticky.

To review: Ask anyone I know, I call Nivea the miracle lotion. I am a huge fan. I figured if Lana used it, it had to be good and I was right.

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