Actress Beauty Tip #25: Sophia Loren skin

This is the twenty-fifth  installment of the monthly classic actress beauty tips that I have read about and tested.  

Sophia Loren in the 1950s in LIFE magazine.

In honor of Sophia Loren’s 78th birthday today, I tried out her secret to health and beauty: olive oil.

The Italian sex symbol and Oscar winner, added a few table spoons of olive oil into her food. She also rubbed olive oil into her skin and added a few cap fulls into her bath to give her skin a glossy glow, according to Glamour.

If you remember, I also tried an olive oil related beauty tip in August, rinsing my hair with olive oil like Rita Hayworth did. Being oily makes my skin crawl, so I didn’t rub it into my skin. So I bathed with olive oil in a different way: I used it to shave my legs.

WARNING: This will leave your shower slippery due to the olive oil, so make sure to use soap to clean your shower afterwords. I’ll admit, I almost fell a few times.

Instead of using soap or shaving cream I used olive oil, after reading that it would give a closer shave.

Not only did it give a really close shave but also left my skin smooth, though slightly greasy.

To review: I liked the results and the slight oiliness wasn’t an issue, the only real annoyance was the mess it left in the shower. Otherwise, I will probably try this again.

Stop by back in October for another classic actress beauty tip. I plan on trying out classic film related make-up tutorials that can be used for Halloween!

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