Watching 1939: Over the Moon (1939)

In 2011, I announced I was trying to see every film released in 1939. This new series chronicles films released in 1939 as I watch them. As we start out this blog feature, this section may become more concrete as I search for a common thread that runs throughout each film of the year. Right now, that’s difficult. 

1939 film:  Over the Moon (1939)

Release date:  Oct. 13, 1939

Cast:  Merle Oberon, Rex Harrison, Ursula Jeans, Robert Douglas, Louis Borel, Peter Haddon, David Tree, Carl Jaffe, Mackenzie Ward, Ethel Griffies (uncredited)
As themselves: Elisabeth Welch

Studio:  London Film Productions

Director:  Thornton Freeland

Jane (Oberon) was a formerly wealthy girl who can’t make ends meet and is in love with the local doctor Dr. Freddie Jarvis (Harrison). However, Jane learns that she has inherited £18 million. Dr. Jarvis isn’t interested in being involved with Jane, because her money would ruin his ambition and her fun. Fortune hunters chase Jane, all the while she pines for Dr. Jarvis.

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