Classic film in music videos: “Rush Rush”

Rebel Without a Cause” is one of the quintessential tough guy, nice girl romances mixed in with lots of angsty, misunderstood teens. So Paula Abdul figured it would be a perfect topic for her music video  “Rush Rush” from 1991.

Interestingly enough, actor Keanu Reeves is in the video as the James Dean character, though he seems rather wimpy and passive compared to the James Dean’s Jim Stark.  Paula is of course the Natalie Wood character.

The video is sort of corny, but semi interesting since they do go through several of the famous scenes of “Rebel Without a Cause” such as the planetarium and the car race off the cliff.  The talking part towards the end is pretty funny. The beginning of this version of the video is supposed to be like the beginning of “Rebel Without a Cause.”

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